Tomasz Lech

Tomasz Lech, nickname: Popeye (Polish: Papaj), (born: 19 May 1977) – Polish former strongman and bodybuilder.

Tomasz Lech debuted as a strongman in 2002 and current he's a bodybuilder. He started his bodybulding trainings in 2009. One year later he tooks part in his first bodybuilding championships.

Biggest achievements in Strongman competitions
V place: Poland Grand Prix Strongman, 2006
VII place: Polish Championships Strongman Everlast, 2008

Biggest achievements in bodybuilding
II place: w Debiutach Kulturystycznych Ostrów Mazowiecka 2010
I place: - Polish Championships, cat. <100 kg
I place: - Polish Championships, cat. open, 2010
II place: - Europe Championships, cat. <100 kg, 2010 
III place: w Polish Cup, 2011
X place: World Championships, India, 2011
IV place: Polish Cup, 2012
VII place: World Championships, Equador, 2012
I place: Polish Championships, 2014

Personal records
squat: 300kg
dead lift: 300kg
bench press: 215kg