High-intensity training that increases strength, with the use of free weights and body weight resistance.

            Functional training (cross training) is about completely different quality and level of effort. There is no place for monotony or the same old schemes. This way you can break your borders, know your inner “you” and keep going forward.

CROSS TREC project is a brand new product for all the functional training enthusiasts.

CROSS TREC is a new line of supplements and clothing.
It is a partnership programme for the boxes, trainers. It is a customized line of products for functional training.

CROSS TREC products are way different than any supplements for bodybuilders and fitness athletes. Doses of active ingredients necessary for keeping optimal regeneration rate fulfill an increased demand of athletes.

The special clothing line is made of the highest quality materials with a big focus on a functionality.

CROSS TREC is not only a brand itself, but it is also athlete education program on each advancement level. Educational materials are available online via crosstrec.pl, on Youtube channel and as online articles.
The part of it are also seminars and

Cross trec to nie tylko marka sama w sobie, to również edukacja zawodników na każdym poziomie zaawansowania. Materiały szkoleniowe dostępne sa online za pośrednictwem portalu crosstrec.pl jak i kanału Youtube czy artykułów.

The parts of it are also seminars and training camps, where the practical knowledge is presented.





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